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Questions And Answers

Consultations are offered in Sydney Street, Chelsea and King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone. Treatments are provided at the King Edward VII Hospital, the Lister Hospital, the Cadogan Clinic and in Sydney Street, Chelsea Marylebone.

We offer a choice of three locations and time of day; morning, afternoon and evening with a special emphasis on evening appointments. 

Local anaesthetic procedures and sclerotherapy are performed at the Cadogan Clinic.  Procedures requiring sedation take place at either the Lister Hospital in Chelsea or the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone which both offer very comfortable accommodation.

New patient consultation £330

Follow up consultation £250 

Post op telephone consultations are free

This depends on the type of scan and where it is performed.  Our team can tell you immediately the precise cost when you book your appointment.

A detailed venous duplex scan takes at least 30-45 minutes.  (Anything less than this is not a full venous duplex scan.)

The ultrasound scan is completely painless.  As part of the scan procedure the calf muscle is squeezed to pump blood through your veins but this is only mildly uncomfortable.

We are recognised by all the major insurance providers.  They usually (though not always) cover the cost of the initial consultation and scan.  This will depend on the details of your policy.  For insured patients we adhere to the BUPA schedule of 2012.  Our procedure fees have not increased since 2012.  Any shortfalls tend to be relatively small and predictable.