The three steps


Arranging your consultation

To book your appointment simply contact us by phone, email, Whatsapp or the contact form below.  We offer consultations every weekday and you have a choice of three locations and morning, afternoon, and evening appointments.  Circulatory problems usually require assessment with a duplex scan (doppler-ultrasound), a special from of ultrasound which provides detailed anatomical and functional information on blood vessels.  We can provide this at the time of your first visit to see us.  When you book our team will ask you some details of the problem so the appropriate scan can be scheduled for you.


The consultation

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the reception team and taken for your duplex scan by an experienced vascular scientist.  This is completely painless.  The scan is performed in a slightly darkened room with you standing on a special footstool next to the examination couch.  As part of the process your calf muscle is squeezed to stimulate blood flow through your veins.  The scan usually takes between 25-60 minutes depending on the complexity of the problem.

After the scan you will see Mr Franklin to discuss all your concerns and symptoms and have a physical examination.  We will then analyse your scan and decide on the treatment options that are available to you.  We allow plenty of time for discussion and will make sure all your questions are answered.


The treatment

The treatment you might require obviously depends on the nature of the problem.  Some circulatory disorders require complex interventions.  Others are more straightforward.

Treatment for superficial vein problems commonly takes two stages.  First it is necessary to correct the main structural problem.  The method chosen depends on the shape and size of the problem vein.  This part of the treatment is often covered by private health insurance.  Once the underlying structural problem is dealt with the surface cosmetic veins can be treated.  This usually requires a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatment to achieve the desired aesthetic result. 

We provide a duplex (doppler-ultrasound) scan at your first appointment

We are vascular experts who specialist in

vein problems

State of the art treatment for problem veins

Faulty veins can take many forms, from life threatening thromboses to cosmetic surface veins.  We are vascular specialists and experts in circulatory disorders.  We use the most up-to-date techniques and state of the art equipment to treat vein disorders of all kinds. 

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